About Us

Chai Tea™ is a 33 year old, wholly Australian owned company. Located deep in the forest, on a community/land sharing co-operative, we are completely “off the grid”. What this means is that not only is the Rainbow Chai Tea Co. run exclusively on solar power, but so too are the homes of all the members of our team.

That’s us, the happy bunch in the pic below. Ahem, yes, a few years ago now. 😉 And that’s the beautiful Chai Shed, our office and where all the blending and packaging of our nine looseleaf blends takes place by hand, with love.

For the last thirty odd years the Chai Shed has operated in the same way it does today; solely on the ecologically safe, renewable resources of solar power and human energy. This makes the Chai Tea Co. an innovator, both in our commitment to the Environment and in bringing Chai, and the authentic flavours of India to Australia.

We use recycled cardboard packaging for our Chai boxes and a plastic inner bag for only one of our products; the super spicy and incredibly aromatic Spiced Dandelion. (Shopkeepers found it hard to work alongside it when the smells were wafting around their shops – they just couldn’t stop having dandi breaks!) We feel deeply committed to keeping our “consumables” to an absolute minimum, re-cycling wherever possible, in keeping with our environmental ethics and those of Chai Tea’s founder, Peter Connell.

Rainbow Chai Shed

Rainbow Chai supports the rights of workers and sustainable agriculture. Ethical and sustainable business practices are very important to us, as is Organic farming. Going to Sri Lanka and educating ourselves first hand about the way our tea supplier takes care of it’s community, the growth cycles of tea plantations, organic farming amongst agricultural giants, and the fine art of tea tasting was one of the most exciting steps in our company’s journey.

Our collective partnership suits us all, marrying our communal intentions with a practical convenience that serves everyone. We are all neighbours, and share the same beach, so that also helps us run things with great ease!

We endeavour to run the Rainbow Chai Co. with a happy, ethical outlook, and bring quality and consistency to our customers.

All of us at Chai Tea™ have long been enamoured of Mother India and her bountiful gifts. We believe the unique combination of spices in a traditional Masala Chai, present in our Rainbow Chai range, to be one of these bountiful gifts, and we take great pleasure in sharing it with you.

We would love to hear from you – whether it be a query, a problem with this site, a favourite recipe, a wholesale request from retailers, a love letter…

Rainbow Chai has been around so long, we are like family to many Chai Lovers around Australia & get love letters from our adoring devotees, many of whom have been drinking our Chai for decades now. (See our Love Letters!)

We love to sell unpackaged bulk chai to food co-ops & health food stores. We actively work to reduce our ecological footprint upon the Earth, whenever possible.

Chai Tea
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Bonville NSW 2450
Ph/Fax: 02 6653 4150


Rainbow Chai family June 2006