The Qi Of Seeds & Whole Spices

The Qi Of Seeds & Whole Spices

When foods are ground up they make contact with air and the process of oxidation begins, rapidly degrading the nutrient value of the food and the natural flavour.

A seed holds the energy and blue print for the regeneration of a whole plant. The structure of a seed protects the dormant embryo of the plant for an indefinite period waiting patiently for the right conditions to germinate. The seed physically protects the dormant embryo, from a potentially harsh environment. It also acts as an energy or chi storage device, where the shape of the seed provides a mechanism to maintain internal reflection of the energy already within the seed. The geometry of a seed shape is often in the golden mean ratio, which promotes a state of internal reflection which contains the vital force.

Seeds are best left whole or ground just before eating so as to contain the vital force, nutrition and flavour. That is why Rainbow Chai offers a better taste and a more beneficial effect than other chai teas. My favorites are: the Organic Rainbow Chai which I grind up in a mortar and pestle just before preparing, and the Spice Mix which I leave whole and simmer on the stove in a large pot of water, topping up as needed, and using it three or four times over. When I serve it I add my favourite plain tea to the portion that I serve.

This ensures a full flavour and that the energy and nutrients are maximised.

Happy chai drinking.

Guy Bennett B.Sc. Kinesiologist, Qi Gong Instructor


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