Bulk Organic Broken Orange Pekoe 1kg


Sri Lanka’s finest Biodynamically grown Black tea. It is the top of the range.  A healthy, natural tea guaranteed to satisfy all tea lovers.

We travelled to the misty highlands of Sri Lanka to a farm where the workers are shareholders of the company and have many advantages such as Solar Powered houses, local schools and pre-schools, health clinics etc.  We also witnessed first hand the biodynamic farming practices working to maintain and improve the growing environment of steep hillsides. We are confident that this blend is made with Love and care, from the field to you.

Made with 100% Certified Organic Black tea, from the highlands of Sri Lanka

Certified Organic Ingredients: Biodynamic Black Tea

  • From Australia’s First solar powered tea company. Since 1988.
  • Biodynamically grown Organic black tea, no added flavourings.
  • 100% Tea, full bodied flavour.

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Certified Organic Ingredients: Biodynamic Black Tea.