Instant Karma Organic Chai Latte 150g


Embark on a journey of taste and tranquility with Chai Tea Company’s “Instant Karma” – Where Every Sip is a Step Towards Harmony!


“Instant Karma” is a symphony of natural spices, where the heat of ginger meets the sweet warmth of cardamom, complemented by the subtle dance of cloves and the kick of ginger. A masterful blend that ignites the senses and lingers on the palate.

Life moves fast, and so should your chai experience. With our Instant Spicy Natural Chai Blend, relish the luxury of a steaming cup of chai in just moments. Simply add hot water or milk, and watch as the aromatic blend transforms into a cup of perfection.

Additional information

Weight 150 g
Dimensions 20 × 13 × 5 cm


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