Love Letters

Jane, Bellingen
The pyramid teabag captures the taste and aromas of a rich brew… I was reminded of my first chai, my first venture beyond normali-tea.
Morgan, Avalon NSW
I’m overjoyed to find the same Rainbow Chai blend, in Organic!
Mieke, Gleniffer
The teabag looked and smelt so yummy – that I just had to taste the bag itself!
Tristan, Fremantle WA
I’ve just brewed my first mug of your Spiced Dandelion. It is so bloody good, I feel strangely compelled to write and tell you as I sip away! The warm buttery aroma and smooth taste are totally amazing – honestly couldn’t say I’ve ever enjoyed dandelion this much before! Yum & Thanks!
Nandini, Byron Bay
Bom Bolenat! Ho to Rainbow!
Jennifer, Maleny QLD
I’ve loved Rainbow Chai for over 25 years! It was the first pre-mixed chai product on the market, making my home-made chai a success every time. I tried the other brands – nothing comes close to the FULL flavour of Rainbow. When I’m in a rush I brew it in a teapot, then just add cold milk to the cup.
Susie, Newtown Sydney
Chai Tea’s Spiced Dandelion is my favourite beverage of all time. Fully loaded with spices – delicious black and bitter or sweet and creamy with honey and milk… MMMmmmmmm…
Deb, Bellingen NSW
I make Rainbow Chai every weekend, for the last 20 years at our Kirtan gatherings. Everybody loves it, it's consistently delicious, and takes us all back to India...
Dave, South Coast NSW
Hi, Thanks for your speedy reply to my query about where to buy your chai. By this time tomorrow I will be sitting back with a beautiful big pot of Rainbow Chai and because we will have so much in our stash, I won't feel guilty about drinking the whole pot to myself…
Jason, Bondi
Thanks for letting us know about our nearest stockist. Luckily, it’s only minutes down the road. We sampled your great Chai and first bought it at the Curry Festival in Woolgoolga. Now we can’t get enough! Can't wait to try the recipes too. Just talking about it makes me want a chai!
Joel, Rosie and baby Mac
Just want to let you know that your chai is literally phenomenal!!! Great job, LOVE what you are doing.
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